No chemicals, No plastic

Just 100% natural straws

Reed Straws Grass Straws

About Us

Taking good care of Our Planet, Our Future, Our Drinkers, Our People, Our Farmers. Our number one priority is to build a community that allows us to work together keeping our Planet healthy. Our ecofriendly straws ensure you are reducing plastic and paper waste while enjoying your drink.

  • Straws that take your health and the environment seriously.

  • Health Conscious

    No chemicals

    No polypropylene

    No bleach

    No color additives

    Naturally water resistant

  • Environmentally Conscious

    No Emission of Greenhouse Gases

    100% Biodegradable

    100% Plant Based

    Home Compostable

    Recyclable Packaging

    No plastic

    Cruelty Free

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